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I LOVE having these awesome weekend days with my baby, but having to leave on Mondays to go to work it’s SO hard!

It doesn’t get easier. NOPE! It doesn’t it!

And, I don’t want summer to end. PERIOD! 

It’s been a perfect one so far.

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Here we go…

About four years ago when my Moma used to nag about grandchildren, my answer was always: when Shakira gets preggo, I’ll get preggo.

When Shak’s new of her first pregnancy started leaking during the early summer of 2012, my Mom was all like: So…. What about you?
My answer was: well, du’h! I guess, I am too! 

I was and it was total serendipity. 

Now, that there are rumors that she might be with child again (apparently, her World Cup Outfit for the closing ceremony wasn’t too revealing), my Mom started asking the same question.  She’s all up on the biz lately.

Baby Fever victim since the day we left St. Luke’s.  Loved being preggo too much, but we shall wait at least until the late fall to TTC galore and hope for a healthy, successful pregnancy. Cannot ever assume, getting and staying, pregnant for granted.  I move with caution after our losses prior to Ian.

In the meantime, yay for another Shakira & Pique baby, if it’s true and to enjoy my sweet Baby Dearborn #1 like I have since he was born on 2/14/13.

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Summer Fridays…

Today is the first of the 7 Fridays we don’t work where i rested for 6 hours in a row. I read. I watched TV. Made awesome meals w/ a cold drink in hand. I even napped & now I’m off to get my kiddo 2.5 early. I didn’t dare mess up my Nanny’s nap time.

I haven’t taken a day of this nature since Ian was born.

We have an awesome weekend ahead & I’m physically & mentally charged!

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Leo women


Leo women have birthdays from July 23 to August 22. They are extremely warm-hearted and sympathetic. They love their roles as wives and mothers, and often do not seek employment outside the home. When they do, they are far better suited for mental labor rather than manual labor. They seem to…

Yeah. Pretty much!

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I leave home at 7:05 now. Daddy has to walk dogs, get Ian ready and get himself ready before work at 9:30am.

The result:

-crazy ams for the hubby

-more bonding time with Ian

-a hard time dropping Ian off at DC

Hubby is so touched that he calls out for him now and that he’s moved from dropping him off and him running off to his buddies and play area to wanting to give him all the hugs and getting the sads when he’s about to leave for work.

Yup. My boys have more time with each other now and I think it’s so sweet.  Not the crying part, but you know what I mean.

Love them.

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am momma, am kiddo… our mornings

I’m a morning person. I wake up naturally at 5am all the time.

My kid has taken after me.

5:35am, he’s up and reading in his crib. 5:45am, he calls for me. He nurses and then at 5:55am, he’s ready to drag his bag of blocks to play and begin his day.

Daddy’s completely out when this happens.

I used to read from 5:30ish until 6am… now I tend to my sweet boy.

This is the life, I tell you.

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lets see:

-earthquake in hometown in Guatemala (near the border with Mexico)

-Crumbs closed. So many people facing uncertainty.  I can live without cupcakes, but people need their jobs. Major sads.

-Brazil vs. Germany: the most disastrous game I have ever watched

-supervisor’s cat died last night

I got a bill for $700+ because the billing dept. at the midwives screwed up.  Lesson learned.  Yearly exams will get done at old doc from now… so much trouble and reimbursement paperwork for the wrong reasons.  Love the midwives, but their out of network and billing are not working in tandem.

First world problems for sure. 

Ready to join my mountain in Mphaki, Lesotho again…


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So many plans… Busted!

Thursday evening. Got a massive headache. No going out w coworker for her bday.

Friday: fell asleep and didn’t go to RPCV party.

This am:

Gym: nope
Beach: nope
Game watching: nope

Why? Iancito decided to swallowe a penny. While I know that it will pass… Talk about BM penny watch duties, the PED still wants to have X-rays done. 3 hours at the docs and xray lab and counting. It’s so nice out!

But the little monster is happy and eating!

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Little brother & his company! He’s creative!

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canines are in…

We have the 8 front teeth.

We got 4 molars in…

Now the two top canines.  He woke up pissed at 4:30am. Kept going back to sleep and waking up. I finally went to get him at 5:15am and nursed him. He played in our room and passed out on my pillow on the floor at 5:55am.  Woke up at 7:05am feeling better and smiling… and with enough time to give this Momma some hugs and a few tears because I had to go.

This of course happened on the day I needed to leave for work at 7:00am.  I got lucky the trains came fast and I made it to work just in time for a 7:45am start.  Summer extended schedule for a Friday off, always gets me. Monday-Wednesday, I did the 9:00am-6:15pm time slot because DH had to work so early, but today, he’s off and I rather do 7:45am-5:00pm, but of course… it didn’t come easy after this semi rough am happenings.

OH, well! Big girl panties on and a smile with a large cup of joe for me today!

Didn’t enjoy leaving him w/ tears at all.



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